Here is the latest setup of NTLite is available for Windows. You can install it on Windows both versions like 32 & 64-bit. Basically, NTLite is an advanced Windows customization and integration tool, particularly useful in enterprise environments. It enables users to remove components, integrate updates, and include drivers, all while improving system performance and freeing up space on hard drives.

NTLite Offline Installer For Windows works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems. It has a user-friendly interface, and can be used to tweak Windows according to your preferences.


NTLite is a powerful tool that can help you customize Windows according to your requirements. It can be used to integrate updates, drivers, language packs and applications into the installation image, remove unnecessary components and tweak Windows settings and appearance. It can also automate the installation process by creating unattended setup scripts.

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The tool comes with a range of other features that make it an essential software for anyone looking to optimize their Windows installations. These include the ability to create ISO images, compress them to ESD files and split them. In addition, it can be used to create a bootable image and perform post-process tasks such as cleaning update backups and relinking drivers.

Another great feature of NTLite is that it can be used to modify an existing installation in-place without reinstallation. This means that you can use it to remove unnecessary components, simplify your installation, reduce attack vectors and free up space. It can even be used to upgrade an existing image to a newer version of Windows.


NTLite is a Cleaning and Tweaking program for Windows developed by Nlitesoft. The app can be used to reduce attack vectors, remove Windows components, simplify your Windows installation and free up disk space. It also provides various powerful features such as driver integration, unattended setup, image management and more.

It is an advanced application with a graphical interface that allows users to add or delete specific components. It also lets them define answers to installation questions and run custom-made scripts after the install.

Another feature is the ability to edit a running Windows OS in real-time without reinstallation. The 'live' edit mode is guarded by compatibility safety mechanisms, which helps in finding the sweet spot that maximizes performance. NTLite can also be used to integrate updates, languages and drivers. The tool offers smart sorting, which automatically adds packages to the integration queue while preventing incompatibilities. It is a powerful and reliable tool, suitable for system administrators and power users.

Installation process

NTLite is one of the few solutions that let you make your copy of Windows perfect before it even hits your PC. With this tool, you can remove unneeded components, integrate updates and drivers, include language packs and tweak many other aspects of the OS.

The software supports various image formats, including WIM, ESD and decrypted ESD, and can be used with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 Technical Preview images. It also doesn’t require.NET Framework and has a pending changes overview that presents all the available tasks in a single page for quick review.

The process starts by loading your image and selecting the components you want to remove or enable. After that, you can choose a location where the ISO will be stored and click on Process. All the pending tasks will be processed and you’ll soon have your customized version of Windows ready to install. The program can even create an ISO for you automatically if you tick the checkbox.


NTLite is one of the best Cleaning and Tweaking apps that you can find for your PC nowadays. It has a simple user interface and is very efficient. Its advanced options allow users to reduce attack vectors, remove unnecessary components, simplify Windows, free up drive space, integrate drivers & updates, and automate the Windows and app setup process. 

The program also has many other features, including image management, unattended installation, registry integration & editing, and more. NTLite is free for home use and supports all major image formats, including WIM, decrypted ESD, and SWM. 

It can also merge spanned or split images and create a bootable ISO file. It can even integrate service packs and hot fixes into the distribution files to save download time and bandwidth. 

The application is also able to customize Windows by removing items like Cortana, printer services, and low-level components that are unnecessary or a security risk. It can even add custom programs and drivers to the distribution kit.

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