If you are looking for the latest setup of 3DP chip, then you have arrived at the right place. From this page you can get the latest setup. The setup is in offline installer. If you have ever downloaded any software program from the internet, then you must have noticed that there are two kinds of download links available on the screen. One is labelled as an Online installer, and the other is labelled as an Offline Installer. You might have also been confused as to what is the difference between these two.

Download 3DP Chip

When you run an Online installer, it connects to the developer’s server through the internet and requires an active connection each time it runs. This process takes a lot of time. Moreover, if you lose the internet connection during installation, then you will need to restart the entire process from the beginning. This can be very frustrating.

Offline installer

A Offline installer on the other hand, downloads all the software tools in a single package and stores them locally on your computer. Therefore, the total download size and the installation time is much shorter than that of an Online installer.

In addition, an offline installer can be used to install a program even if your computer does not have a working internet connection. This can be very useful in a number of situations. For example, if you need to install a software program such as Lumen on computers in your office that are behind a firewall with restricted internet access, you can use an offline installer to do so.


You can find the Dropbox offline installer on their website in the Help section under “Installation”. Once you have it, you can install Dropbox on as many computers as you want, and you don’t need an internet connection to do so.

3DP Chip Overview

3DP Chip is an app that simplifies a potentially difficult and time-consuming task by automatically finding drivers for your computers. It works offline and is safe and lightweight.

It also provides information about the CPU, motherboard, video card and sound card installed on your PC. Moreover, it can automatically update drivers when Windows upgrades.


Unlike other programs that claim to have the power to update drivers, 3DP Chip actually does so by directly connecting users to the manufacturer of their hardware. This means that the program is able to provide drivers for almost all of the components on your computer.

The program also provides a user-friendly interface with folders that are divided to make it easy for people to find devices like network cards, display cards and motherboards. The software is also very lightweight and does not consume a lot of memory.

In addition, the program can function without the Internet and can still provide download links for most of the required drivers on its own. This is especially useful after reformatting your machine or if you have lost the driver CD. Another feature that is unique to this program is that it lets you copy and paste the hardware information from its interface for use in other locations on the Internet.

Driver installation

When you click the download button, 3DP Chip will automatically search the Internet for driver versions that match your hardware components. Once the search is complete, it will display all of the available drivers for your computer.

The program will also inventory all of the hardware devices in your system. It will even list the exact device name for you so that it is easier to find the correct driver. This feature is very helpful if you ever have to reformat your Windows system and can't remember the name of your hardware device.

If you want to completely remove 3DP Chip along with all of its bundled software, we recommend using Total Uninstaller, a powerful, yet easy-to-use program removal tool. It is specially designed for all level users to accomplish program removal in a few simple steps. The whole uninstall process may take less than a minute to complete. It is safe to use and does not leave any behind files or folders.

Detecting Outdated Drivers

This program takes into account every single software or hardware component on your computer and scans for the latest versions of drivers. It will also provide a backup of your current ones in case you need to restore them, and it will let you know if any are outdated.

Another aspect that makes 3DP Chip a valuable tool is its ability to work offline, as it will still be able to identify any drivers that need an update even when you are disconnected from the Internet. This is a very useful feature, especially since it can save you a lot of time when trying to track down drivers for your PC.

Additionally, this software can enumerate all of the components installed on your computer including your CPU, motherboard, video card and sound card. Then, it can download the best-suited driver to update them with a simple click. The app also lets you see a detailed readout of the hardware on your system with explanation marks to make sure that you have the right drivers installed.

Restoring Data

When you run 3DP Chip, it automatically backs up all of your drivers to the folder specified. This way, you can easily restore your hardware drivers in the event of a crash or re-installing Windows.


Another handy feature is the ability to enumerate all of your system components and extract their drivers with a single click. This can be useful for troubleshooting issues, like finding out what your motherboard's maximum temperature is before it shuts down.


In addition to this, the program enables you to copy pertinent information about your CPU, motherboard, video card, sound card and ethernet card directly to your clipboard. This makes searching for specific hardware components on Google and sharing your rig setup on forums much easier. 


Moreover, all this information can also be exported to PDF format. Aside from that, 3DP Chip supports offline driver retrieval and installation, meaning that it can work even without Internet access. This is an invaluable feature when working in a remote location.

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