Panda Smart Browser Review

Panda Smart Browser is a reliable software application that can increase online traffic for your website/YouTube videos. This tool works with other members' Panda Bot Network to create an automatic traffic flow that can improve your ranking with popular search engines.

The interface has a modern and flat design with clear icons, reminiscent of iOS. Essential buttons and fields show tooltips.

App Features

Panda Smart Browser offers several options to protect your device. You can use the app to scan your apps and files for malware, create a VPN and set parental controls or safe areas (with an optional upgrade). The mobile version also includes antitheft tools that let you locate, lock and wipe a stolen device remotely.

Its interface is easy to navigate and its settings and reports are clearly displayed on the command ribbon. You can see how much time credits you have earned or spent and a total balance, along with network traffic and social signals that have been recorded.

Its scanning performance is solid. AV-Test says the program detected 100 percent of zero-day threats in its last evaluation, while other software only managed to detect about half as many. However, it can cause a few slowdowns when running popular applications. The company offers monthly and yearly subscriptions for its antivirus software suite, which include multiple packages and advanced features.


While Panda offers a decent suite of features, I think its prices are a bit high. Especially considering other security software packages from Norton and McAfee offer a similar or better feature set and come with much lower pricing.

However, it is nice that Panda includes some really cool unique features for free -- such as dark web monitoring and a VPN (with 150 MB of data per day). I also like that they allow you to select the number of devices you want to protect during checkout.

Additionally, they offer a monthly or yearly subscription option. You can also save money by using its brilliant free features. The developers of the app also have a good number of self-help support documents and articles.
Moreover, their premium support package is available for all members of the Panda Dome network. If you have any issues about the app, then its premium tech support helps you better at any time any where.


Panda Dome is a solid option for those seeking an antivirus that includes extras like password management, a VPN, and dark web monitoring. The app even has a boot manager that allows you to see all the programs that are set to launch as part of the startup sequence and disable any you don’t need.

Unlike some other AV software, it also includes a rescue disk and USB protection that lets you clean up infected files. Its antivirus scanning tool fares well on our tests, though it missed two of our EICAR test viruses.

Panda Smart Browser can help you improve your websites’ and YouTube videos’ Usage Metrics and SEO Rankings by increasing Internet traffic. The application also generates network social signals to boost your website’s rankings with popular search engines. The service is free for basic members, but premium membership requires a quarterly or yearly fee. The service is compatible with Windows OS. Its user interface is very easy to use.


The installation process was quick and easy. The software was fully installed in less than a minute, and there were no hiccups during the setup or installation process. The user interface is clean and intuitive, with all of the features presented on a single screen. 

It also offers a left-hand menu that contains additional settings. This is a major improvement from older Panda security suites, which featured multiple pages of features that were difficult to navigate.

Download Browser

Panda Dome protects your PC from malicious processes that can eat up your system resources and cause a host of other issues. Its critical scanning did not detect any of the test viruses, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. 

In addition to its basic protections, the premium version of this security suite offers keylogger detection and removal. Moreover, it allows you to access the support forum and community forums for technical assistance. It also provides a dedicated phone number and remote distance support.

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