UR Browser For Windows is a free web browser that is built with user privacy in mind. It has a built-in VPN and ad blocker, as well as other features that will help you to enjoy the internet safely and without interruptions.

UR also protects your privacy by disabling third-party cookies and trackers. It also allows you to set a different search engine from the default one, which does not share any personal information.


UR Browser For Windows is an efficient browser that offers a plethora of features for privacy-concerned users. The browser has a built-in VPN to help you browse anonymously, an ad blocker that removes unwanted ads and pop-ups, and an anti-phishing tool that prevents websites from tracking and storing your personal information.

The privacy-focused browser also offers three levels of security that you can customize during the setup process. The Basic setting blocks third-party cookies and disables website tracking, while the Advanced and Expert settings add protection against fingerprinting and social media trackers.

UR also includes a privacy mode that erases your browsing history and other personal data when you close the window. You can even whitelist certain sites that you frequently use in private mode. Moreover, the browser uses HTTPS to increase data security and protect your personal information.


UR Browser For Windows comes with a number of security features designed to keep you safe online. These include a built-in VPN, ad blocker, and virus scanner.

Unlike other web browsers that offer these options as separate add-ons, UR Browser takes privacy protection to the next level and includes it into the structure of the browser itself. The result is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that keeps your data and personal information private.

It also prevents cookies and trackers from identifying you without your knowledge, so you won’t be tracked across the internet. You’ll also receive a warning if you visit a site that is known for phishing or malware attacks.

UR Browser also uses HTTPS, which is a newer, better standard that encrypts the data you send and receive when browsing. This feature helps keep your personal information safe and secure, and you can find it by looking for the green padlock in the URL bar of the browser.


UR Browser For Windows is one of the best lightweight, fully-featured web browsers on the market. It uses the Chromium engine that powers Google Chrome. It has a 4x faster download engine, built-in Ad-Blocker, and Banking Mode.

Unlike most lightweight browsers, UR Browser also has privacy-centered features that are essential for online security. These include a built-in virus scanner, an encrypted browser window, and a secure VPN.

It’s a 100% European-made, free browser that respects your privacy and helps you protect your data. It includes a built-in VPN and ad blocker to help you keep your personal information safe.

The browser’s home screen has a news section organized strictly with content quality in mind. Only reputable news agencies like Reuters, BBC, and Agence France Presse are displayed. The browser also comes with a neat and well-organized download manager. It is able to speed up downloads by splitting them into parts and downloading them at the same time.


UR Browser For Windows has several features to keep you protected while browsing the internet. It includes a built-in VPN service, ad blocker, and a virus scanner.

Unlike other browsers, UR Browser does not require you to download these separate add-ons. Having them built-in saves you time and prevents you from having to deal with buggy add-ons.

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The browser also has a private browsing mode called “Ninja Mode” that erases all your history and cookies once you close it. You can choose which sites operate in this mode and which don’t, so you can protect your privacy while surfing the web.

UR Browser’s built-in virus scanner can help you keep your computer safe by detecting and removing dangerous files as they download. It also encrypts all the data you send and receive while using it, which makes it more secure than other browsers. Moreover, it blocks annoying tiny web crawlers and offers a variety of alternative search engines.

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