Google Keep is a simple note-taking app that is ideal for users who just want to make notes quickly. It’s a lightweight app and works well on older devices too.

It can take text, images, and drawings in components that can be overlapped or separated. It can also transcribe voice notes and extract text from uploaded images.

Basic Features

Google Keep is a free note-taking application that runs in the cloud or as an app on your mobile device. Its basic features include notes, lists, reminders, and collaboration tools.

Handwriting recognition and voice recording are other key features. You can also draw notes, save images to your notes, and create collections with labels.

Another feature that helps you organize your notes is color coding. This way, you can easily distinguish personal notes from work-related ones.

The app also allows you to add location-based reminders to ensure you never forget a deadline or an event. Its interface is simple and clean, making it easy to navigate.

Advanced Features

Google Keep is an excellent choice for Windows PC users who need a fast and simple note-taking app. It's ideal for a variety of note-taking scenarios, from quick reminders to long-term notes and lists.

It also supports a variety of handwriting styles, including handwritten text, hand-drawn sketches, and even audio recording. This helps to make notes easier to read and share.

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Another unique feature is that it uses optical character recognition technology to convert your handwritten notes into typewritten text, allowing you to copy them without needing to create a new note from scratch.

It also integrates with a number of other Google apps. These include Google Docs, Drive, Calendar and others.


The reminders feature of Google Keep For Windows is a great way to stay organized. It offers a variety of features that can help users remain on top of their schedules, including time-based and location-based reminders.

Moreover, it allows users to create labels to categorize notes. This can also make it easier to find them later.

In addition, users can add images and audio recordings to their notes. Text from images can be extracted using optical character recognition, while voice recordings can be transcribed.

When it comes to setting reminders, users can choose preset times or set their own custom ones. They can also add a reminder that will activate when they visit a particular place, such as their home or office.


Google Keep is a powerful note-taking service offered for free by Google. It offers a variety of note-taking tools, including text notes, preformatted lists, drawings, images and audio recordings.

It also comes with a unique feature called Archive. You can use this to declutter Google Keep by archiving notes that aren't relevant or timely right now, but you want to store somewhere else in case you need them again later.


Google Keep For Windows has a collaboration feature that lets you share notes and lists with other people. The notes and lists are automatically saved to Google Drive, ensuring they are always available on any device with internet connectivity.

There's also a search function for filtering notes and lists by type, color, and more. This can be useful for finding notes or lists that you created a while ago.

To use the collaborative features of Google Keep, tap the Collaborators icon (marked with a person's head) along the bottom of any note or list you'd like to share. This will bring up a text box, where you can enter the email address of anyone with whom you'd like to share this information.

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