DiskBoss is a powerful hard drive management application that helps you analyze disk space utilization, classify files, wipe specific files, and migrate data. It can also help you clean up unwanted data and speed up your system's performance.

Its 'Classify and Categorize' tool lets you browse your disks sorted by the used disk space, filter all analysis results by category, file size and user name, and identify disk space usage hotspots. Moreover, it can automatically synchronize data between directories and NAS storage devices.


DiskBoss For Windows offers an extensive set of tools to analyze files, organize them and perform various tasks. These include a file browser that displays files, folders and their sizes in a list view, which is linked to a search tool.

Among other functions, DiskBoss can also detect and clean duplicate files. Moreover, it offers disk space analysis and monitoring, high-speed file synchronization and data migration capabilities, rule-based file classification and categorization, secure data wiping, change auditing and much more.

Analyzing disk space usage is a very convenient function and can help one to identify files that are using the most disk space. In addition to that, it is possible to filter disk space analysis results by file extensions, file types, user names and creation or modification dates. The program can also display statistical pie charts containing the amount of disk space per file extension and file categories.


DiskBoss For Windows provides a large number of file classification plug-ins designed to identify and organize files into logical file categories. The default file classification plugin is capable of recognizing more than 2500 different file types and formats.

In addition, power users may use a variety of external tools to search for and classify files according to their needs. Moreover, one may combine multiple file matching rules and apply logical AND/OR operators.

DiskBoss For Windows provides powerful and flexible file search capabilities allowing one to search files by the file name, extension, type, size, creation, last access and modification dates, text or binary patterns, JPEG EXIF tags, etc. Moreover, one may add user-defined commands and execute them in a single mouse click using the DiskBoss GUI application or direct desktop shortcuts.


DiskBoss is capable of organizing files and performing various tasks including searching, analyzing disk space usage, classifying, deleting duplicate files, physically reorganizing, copying large amounts of files, and synchronizing and identifying changes in files. The program also allows one to save file classification reports into a number of standard formats such as HTML, PDF, Excel, text and CSV.

A large number of user-defined file matching rules allow one to search, classify and filter files by a wide range of parameters such as file name, extension, type, category, size, file attributes, text or binary patterns, JPEG EXIF tags, creation, last access and modification dates, etc. Moreover, the program is capable of defining negative file matching rules allowing one to exclude specific types of files from the file organizing process.


DiskBoss For Windows is a versatile file and disk space analysis software providing one with the ability to search for files, perform various tasks and save reports into a number of standard formats. This includes HTML, PDF, Excel, XML, text and CSV reports.

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The program allows one to search by relative access, modification and creation times as well as by file types and categories organized into a logical hierarchy of classes and class groups. Moreover, it can search by files containing specific text patterns located at specific positions inside of files.

The application also allows one to categorize and filter duplicate files by file type, extension, category, file size, user name, creation, modification and last access date etc. This provides one with a wide range of advanced duplicate files search options allowing one to tune and customize the resulting file search operations for user-specific needs and hardware configurations.


DiskBoss For Windows provides advanced file synchronization capabilities, flexible performance tuning options and multiple one-way and two-way file synchronization modes. It also allows one to synchronize specific file types or file groups, exclude directories and configure advanced file synchronization rules.

Syncing files is very easy with DiskBoss, which has an intuitive, user-friendly and fast interface. In order to synchronize files between different local disks, network shares, directories, or NAS storage devices, one just needs to execute a single 'Sync' command and specify the source and destination directories and file synchronization action.

Moreover, DiskBoss supports the ability to trigger custom file synchronization operations after a specified number of detected file system changes. This may be extremely useful in triggering policy-based file management, automatic file delete and data retention operations on production servers or corporate storage systems.

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