Darktable is a free, open-source image workflow application that's popular among photographers. It supports Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

It has a virtual light table and a darkroom that lets you view your digital negatives, develop raw images and perform non-destructive edits.

Its internal architecture allows you to add modules for all sorts of image processing, from the very simple (crop, exposure, spot removal) to the most advanced (simulation of human night vision). The user interface is built around efficient caching of image metadata and mipmaps stored in a database.


Darktable is a free and open-source virtual lightable and darkroom photography workflow application for photographers, which manages digital negatives in a database, allows viewing images through a zoomable light table, and enables raw photo development and enhancement.

Its non-destructive editing processes, professional color management features, and GPU-accelerated image processing are key ingredients for a powerful and effective image-processing pipeline. Besides these core functions, the application also offers an extensive range of image adjustment plugins (basic group, tone group, color group, correction group, and effect group) which can be scripted in Lua version 5.2 for automation and custom actions.

The user interface is smooth and built around efficient caching of image metadata and mipmaps, all stored in a fast database. High-quality output is the result of the efficient use of these caches. In addition, darktable is able to read and write Exif data and uses XMP sidecar files for saving metadata and processing settings.


Darktable is a virtual light table and darkroom for photographers managing digital negatives in a database, letting them view them through a zoomable light table and enabling raw development and enhancement. It is a free and open-source software application.

Its image processing modules include the correction of digital images, basic adjustments, tonal value changes, and color manipulation. There is also a range of artistic effects and enhancements.

The module's powerful mask feature allows you to select a portion of an image for processing, as well as define a parametric mask based on pixel values. It also lets you adjust the lightness of an entire region, allowing for precise control of the tone curve.

Darktable has an extensive set of features for photographers, which should satisfy most users' needs. Its primary functions are comprehensive and go beyond what others can offer.


Darktable For Windows is a powerful, professional-level photo editing application that supports a wide range of image file formats. It also provides a complete set of professional color management features including ICC profile support for both linear and sRGB color spaces.

The program's user interface is designed with a tabbed layout and is customizable to suit your personal style. You can customize how blocks are positioned, hide unnecessary tools, and change a color scheme.

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It's also possible to create your own favorite group of editing tools and add them to a customizable panel. This makes it easier to organize your workflow and make it as simple or complex as you want.

It's compatible with over a hundred different image files and also offers an extensive sync module for importing photos from cameras and smartphones. It is a great choice for all those looking to organize, edit and manipulate their images.


The open-source Darkroom and virtual lighttable app Darktable finally reach the Windows desktop, bringing it one step closer to photographers that don't want to shell out for Lightroom. It's a powerful RAW photo editor that offers professional color management features and GPU-accelerated processing that will speed up your workflow.

It's also got a great interface, complete with a new quick-access panel that combines existing processing modules into a single layout. In the process, it promises improved usability by reducing clutter and confusion, while the new interface also allows users to add controls from any module to their quick access panel.

While the program might take a little time to get accustomed to, it's a worthy investment for those looking for the most effective non-destructive image editing and photo management solution on the market. Its user-friendly interface is a boon to newbies and professionals alike, and the community around it is incredibly supportive.

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