Comodo IceDragon For Windows is an excellent Internet browser that leverages the best of Firefox with some security and privacy improvements. It's a stand-out among Chrome and Firefox clones for its speed in downloading pages and establishing secure connections.

It also ships with built-in malware scanning, Comodo Secure DNS, and improved social media functionality. It works with most versions of Windows and is recommended by many PC users.


Comodo IceDragon For Windows combines the security and privacy of Firefox with the ease of use and flexibility of a Chrome-based browser. It offers significant personalization options, enhanced social media functionality, and an integrated secure DNS service that means webpages load faster.

It also includes a built-in malware scanner called SiteInspector that scans websites for suspicious content and redirects you to a safe one. Moreover, IceDragon supports private browsing and an incognito mode.

Unlike most browsers, it does not track your online activity or store information about your browsing habits. It also offers a secure SSL service that allows you to connect to websites securely without revealing your password.

The antivirus, firewall, and host intrusion prevention system (HIPS) components are updated automatically, ensuring your computer remains protected against new threats. They also enable you to control which applications are allowed to access the internet and make your PC invisible to hackers.


IceDragon is a fast and versatile Internet browser based on Mozilla Firefox with many security, performance, and feature enhancements over the core build. Fully compatible with Firefox plug-ins and extensions, it combines the freedom and functionality of the popular browser with the unmatched security and privacy offered by Comodo.

Compared to Chrome and Firefox clones, IceDragon is very fast in downloading pages and establishing secure connections. It also has an integrated website filter that automatically blocks malicious websites before you open them.

It also comes with incognito mode, which further improves privacy by preventing cookies from being stored during browsing sessions. It also has better certificate handling during HTTPS sessions.

The software solution consists of a powerful antivirus, an enterprise-class packet filtering firewall, and an advanced host intrusion prevention system (HIPS). It is designed to be secure ‘out of the box’ so even inexperienced users need not deal with complicated configuration issues after installation.


One of the best ways to customize your Windows PC is by installing some third-party software. These applications can add wallpapers, lock screens, and other customization features.

However, many of these programs also break when Microsoft updates its system. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right program for your needs.

Comodo IceDragon is an efficient browser that’s recommended by lots of Windows PC users. It is fully compatible with Firefox extensions and plugins, and it offers many security, performance, and feature improvements over the core version of Mozilla’s Firefox.

Ice Dragon’s built-in website filter automatically blocks malicious websites before you open them, and it will notify you of unsafe content as soon as possible. It also comes with enhanced privacy settings and a private browsing mode that prevents cookies from being stored on your device. The address bar also clearly indicates the class of SSL certificate used by the website.


Comodo IceDragon For Windows provides users with a faster, more stable, and safer internet experience than most browsers. It has the look and feel of Firefox but with several security and functionality improvements, including default browser settings that are optimized for security, a web filter that auto-blocks harmful pages, an IP/DNS leak detector, drag-and-drop browsing, a built-in YouTube/media downloader and more.

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It also includes VirusScope, which monitors processes on your computer and alerts you when they take actions that can negatively affect your privacy or security. Using a system of behavior recognizers, VirusScope not only detects unauthorized actions but also gives you the power to reverse them.

It also has a Host Intrusion Protection system (HIPS) that monitors all applications and processes on your computer. This prevents malicious programs from making permanent changes to your operating system, system-memory or personal data.

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