This page is about to download the latest setup of Cisco USB driver. If you are having trouble using a Cisco USB console, it is possible to fix the problem by installing a free driver. This driver can be downloaded from the company's website, and you don't have to pay anything to get it.

The Cisco USB console driver is used for devices such as routers and switches that have a mini-USB console port. It is not Cisco IOS device- model specific, so it can be installed on any computer running a Windows operating system.

How to Install

A digital game console is a computer device that outputs a video signal or visual image to show a video game. It connects through a cable to your PC, and it needs a driver to communicate with the operating system.

The Cisco USB Console Driver For Windows is a free software application that can help you use a console on your computer. It is easy to install and can be downloaded for free from the company’s website.

To use the console, you’ll need a Cisco USB-to-serial adapter and a serial cable. Once you have those, all you have to do is connect the cable to your computer’s COM port. You should then see a yellow boot icon and be able to type characters in the terminal window.


If your USB console isn’t working, it may be because of a missing driver. This can be fixed by using the Automatic Driver Update Utility to scan for and download the most recent version of the drivers.

To do this, you will need a computer and a USB-A to Mini-B cable. You can also download the software from Cisco’s website for free.

Download Cisco USB Driver

Once you have downloaded the software, it will take a few minutes to install. You can also use the Automatic Driver Update Utility to update your drivers automatically.

If you have a Cisco switch, you can connect it to your computer with a serial cable. Make sure you have a USB-to-serial adapter, or you can use a cable with a DB-9 connector on the end.

Update Your Drivers

If you are having problems with your Cisco USB Console Driver, it may be time to update your drivers. This is a good way to make sure that your hardware is working properly and that it is compatible with the latest versions of Windows.

A Cisco console cable is used to manage / configure network devices such as routers, switches, modems, hubs and similar equipment. It uses a serial interface on the RJ45 end to communicate with a PC, and then converts this data to virtual COM port signals on the computer.

These cables are also sometimes called a ‘rollover cable’, as they allow users to connect a USB device to a console port on a Cisco device without having to use the traditional RJ45 Ethernet connection.

These one-piece Cisco console cables are an excellent solution for those looking to use a USB connection to manage their network equipment. They provide a reliable, hassle-free connection to a Cisco switch or router.


A USB console is a nice touch on many modern network routers and switches. It can make it much easier to control and configure a variety of network devices without having to deal with a wired connection. The console may also save on power costs by not having to constantly be plugged in. 

However, it can also lead to connectivity issues if you’re not careful. So, the best way to ensure that your console is in tip top shape is to install the proper drivers. This will not only ensure that your console is in working order but will also protect your investment and keep your system running smoothly.

The Cisco USB Console Driver For Windows is a worthy inclusion in your computer’s arsenal. Whether you’re planning to buy or sell a new console, this software should be on your list of must-haves. To get started, download the software from the Cisco website or install it manually. It is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

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