AVG Antivirus For Windows protects your Windows devices, keeps you safe from malware, and helps keep your data encrypted. It's free for most Windows devices, but you can upgrade to premium plans for extra features.

The user interface is clean and simple, with recognizable thumbnails to help you launch a scan and quickly access other key features. It's also easy to customize, with a wide range of options for scheduling scans and checking external drives.

Easy to use

AVG Antivirus For Windows is easy to use and configure, with an intuitive interface that is not too confusing. This makes it suitable for general users who do not have extensive knowledge or expertise in antivirus software.

Aside from malware protection, the program also provides performance scanning and optimization features for enhanced security. This is a great feature to have, especially for gamers and surfers who want to keep their PCs running smoothly.

The interface is easy to navigate and includes several panels that give you a quick look at the last scan, virus definitions, and a "Run Smart Scan" button. The program also lets you customize scan settings and schedule scans for times of limited use.

AVG is a good free choice for your computer and comes with all the basic tools you need to protect your system against viruses and malware. It's not as feature-rich as some of its competitors, but it does a decent job of keeping your device secure against the latest threats.

Easy to install

AVG Antivirus For Windows is a quick and easy way to protect your computer against viruses, malware, spam e-mail, and malicious websites. It also includes AVG Secure Browser for safer browsing and a VPN service to help you browse the internet anonymously.

AVG is a popular choice of security software for Windows users as it offers good antivirus and anti-phishing protection. However, if you want to get more from it, you can upgrade to the AVG Internet Security package and unlock additional features like an enhanced firewall, a hardened browser, remote access shield, and ransomware protection.

Download AVG Antivirus

It is a free download and installs in minutes. It will then automatically update to the latest virus signatures and new tools as they become available.

Easy to customize

AVG Antivirus For Windows comes with plenty of options that you can customize to meet your specific needs. This includes the ability to scan on a schedule, use heuristic scanning, ignore files, add files and folders to the ignore list, disable the program's "stop active scans" option, scan primary boot sectors, follow symbolic links to scan files, search for rootkits before launching a scan, manage Windows Firewall settings, password protect the program's settings, and block autorun on removable devices.

Aside from all these features, you can also choose how to scan files - for example, include only content that might include malware, or check only files that use file extensions that are considered potentially dangerous (like EXE). You can even enable rootkit detection and CyberCapture technology, which helps detect threats in unrecognized files.

The main dashboard has clear indications of the state of your PC, and you can choose to run a full scan or a deep one. The latter requires more resources and takes longer, but it's the most effective security scan AVG offers.

Easy to manage

AVG Antivirus For Windows is an easy-to-manage antivirus solution that protects devices from a wide range of threats. This includes viruses, malware, and other harmful software.

The interface is modern and clean with recognizable thumbnails and headings to help you quickly launch a scan or access other key features. It also displays when your last virus scan was completed, so you can keep an eye on the status of your protection.

It offers a wide range of security features, including USB and DVD drive scanning to check removable drives. You can also customize your scanner to target specific files or folders and schedule a scan for times when you won’t be using the computer.

AVG also provides excellent customer support online. Its forum and FAQ section offers helpful answers to common questions, while a quick link to request a refund is also available.

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