This article is about to download the latest setup of Adobe Pagemaker 7.0. Pagemaker For PC is a desktop publishing software for creating brochures, flyers and newsletters. It can be used by printing professionals, graphic designers, or anyone with a basic understanding of graphic design and a computer. The program is available for the Apple Macintosh and IBM PC operating systems.

Download Adobe Pagemaker 7.0

Adobe Pagemaker For PC (also called Aldus Pagemaker) was released in 1985 by Aldus Corporation. It is one of the first desktop publishing programs, and was created to help printing companies create professional-looking brochures, pamphlets and advertisements that would be distributed to customers. The software was developed by Paul Brainerd, who later became the president of Aldus Corporation.


It was a popular and highly successful software for creating and designing professional-quality publications. It was initially released only for the Macintosh, but it soon became available for other operating systems as well.

In the 1990s, it became a dominant force in the high-end DTP industry. However, it began to lose its popularity in the early 2000s as competition grew from QuarkXPress.

What's New

Today, there are several modern-day comparable desktop publishing software tools that can be used to produce professional-looking documents. These include Microsoft Publisher, which was introduced in 2003, and Adobe InDesign, which is included with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

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While Pagemaker is still in use, it is becoming increasingly outdated as newer desktop publishing software has become available. Its interface is difficult for users to learn, and it does not support any computer operating system that is newer than XP.

It is not a replacement for the more sophisticated Adobe InDesign, but it can be an alternative for some users who need a basic desktop publishing program. Moreover, it is compatible with older computers that may not be able to run newer software applications.

Specialist For Business

There are many people who use Pagemaker For PC to create their own business cards and other small booklets that they can distribute for their customers. This is a great way to promote your products and services while also keeping costs down.

In addition, it is an effective tool for producing large-scale publications such as brochures and books. It is especially useful for small businesses who need to produce numerous publications at a low cost.

Make Your Own Booklet

Besides, it is also a good option for people who want to learn how to make their own booklets and pamphlets for personal use. This is because it allows you to create your own layouts and designs for each of the pages in your document.

You can create a variety of layouts for each page in your document, including overlapping and non-overlapping pages, with ease. You can also place pictures and text anywhere on the page. You can even add graphics and other elements to your layouts in order to give them a more unique look.

The best part about this desktop publishing software is that it is a free download. It can be downloaded from the Adobe website. Whether you are a new user or an experienced user, you can find information about how to install and use the software on the website. You can also find a number of self-guided online courses and training manuals to help you get started.

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