We have shared the latest setup of Rufus and free download links are available for download. Basically, it is a free, open source, and small utility application for Windows. 

It enables users to do some of the basic tasks for formatting a USB drive, creating a bootable disk, and installing an operating system. Unlike some other applications, it isn't limited to Windows, and can also be used for Linux and macOS.


It is quite simple to use. After downloading the application, you can launch it from the start menu or simply double click the executable file. A window will appear, similar to the built-in format panel of Windows. 

The wizard allows you to choose the partition scheme, file systems, and types of devices you want to use. You can also configure update settings, check the success of the installation, and even set up a label.

Features Of Rufus

It comes with a lot of features. In addition to these features, there are other cool things that Rufus can do, including the ability to repair a 32-bit installation flash drive in UEFI Windows. The app has been designed to be fast and reliable, so it doesn't put any unnecessary strain on the system.

Download Rufus

Also, it allows you to mount various media types, such as SD cards, USB drives, and CDs. Additionally, it includes some features for Windows, including the ability to create MBR files and support for developing and compiling files on DVDs.

Another nice feature of the software is the option to create a bootable USB. Using the Rufus wizard, you can choose the type of media you want to use for your boot device, and the wizard will format the drive accordingly. Afterwards, you can copy the completed bootable installer to your computer's external storage.

How It Works

If you plan on using your USB flash drive as a windows boot device, you can also use the Rufus tool to create a label. By adding the aforementioned feature, you can name your device and easily find it in the future. Plus, the utility also allows you to save your BIOS information in case of a future crash.

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As far as performance goes, Rufus for Windows is quite a bit faster than its competitors. Although it is still a bare-bones application, it is fast enough to format a drive in less than a second, and it is able to recognize different types of media, such as USB drives, SD cards, and CDs. Similarly, the program has built-in support for drive formatting, and it can compute MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256 hashes for an image.

What's New

Other features include the ability to load an ISO file and create a bootable media. This means that you can install Linux or any other operating system onto your USB drive. For example, you can download and install Windows 8.1 or 10 from an ISO file, and then format the drive to create a bootable installer.

Overall, the Rufus for Windows tool is a very useful tool, and it is definitely worth the download. It is free and easy to use, and it can help you get your machine running quickly and efficiently.

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