If you have a pair of Galaxy Buds, you can use the Galaxy Buds Manager for Windows to make it easier to manage your earbuds. You can download the app for free from the Microsoft Store. 

In addition to managing your earbuds, the app can also check for firmware updates and enable or disable the touch commands. The app will tell you what the battery level of your earbuds is and what the case's battery levels are, too.

Samsung Buds Manager

Samsung has released a number of applications for Windows users. These apps are designed to help users control a range of compatible accessories and accessories from other brands. 

 Supporting OS

While these programs are usually limited to the operating system that they are made for, the new Galaxy Buds app for Windows should allow users to connect their earbuds to their PCs and other devices.

This app is a lot more advanced than the Windows 10 Bluetooth manager. It offers more options for managing your earbuds, including five EQ presets, active noise cancellation, and Ambient Sound. 

Download Galaxy Buds Manager

The EQ presets allow you to select the best level of sound for you, depending on your preferences. Other features include the ability to switch between two sets of earbuds, and a custom action menu.

How it works

This new version of the Galaxy Buds Manager for Windows is designed to work with the company's flagship product, the Samsung Galaxy Buds. As a result, the application is built to offer users a number of tips and tricks to enhance their experience. 

However, the more advanced options in the Galaxy Buds Manager for Windows are not guaranteed to work with your specific device. And if you decide to activate these options, you may be voiding the warranty on your Galaxy Buds.

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There are a few different ways you can install the Galaxy Buds Manager for Windows. The first way is to simply search for the app on the Microsoft Store. Another method is to visit the Samsung download center.

How to manage settings

After installing the app, you will need to go into the settings of your Windows operating system to allow the app to run. Then, you'll be able to launch it. Alternatively, you can click Run external applications to start the executable file.

Unlike the Bluetooth manager, the Galaxy Buds app for Windows will not automatically disconnect from your computer if you lose connection. To manually disconnect your earbuds, you'll need to launch the app and select Disconnect. That way, you'll be able to reconnect to your PC later.

Easiest way to connect earbuds with PC

In addition to the app, you can also pair your earbuds with your PC by going into Settings > Bluetooth & other devices. Once connected, you can use the Touchpad menu to launch programs. Additionally, you can use the Hotkey recorder box to assign keyboard hotkeys to long touch gestures. 

Finally, you can send diagnostic information through the app to the Samsung support team. Depending on the model of your earbuds, this feature can be useful to identify any potential issues.

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