The latest setup of CSR Bluetooth driver has been released and free download links are available for download. If you want to connect your Windows PC to Bluetooth enabled devices, you will need to install a CSR Bluetooth driver. 

This will ensure that your Bluetooth enabled device is compatible with your Windows operating system. The CSR Bluetooth driver is available in both a 32-bit and 64-bit version. You can download the drivers from the manufacturer's website, or from Microsoft's official driver download page.

Download Driver

Keeping your CSR Bluetooth driver up to date can ensure smooth data transfer between your computer and your devices. In fact, installing a new driver may even help you fix some Windows errors.

Improve Your Connectivity Feature

Aside from using a CSR Bluetooth driver to improve your connectivity, there are several other things you can do to keep your device running smoothly. These include: rebooting your computer, running a hardware scan, and re-enabling your device. While these steps might seem daunting, they are actually relatively simple to perform.

To start with, you should do a quick scan for all the available drivers for your Bluetooth device. You can do this by opening your device manager and looking for all the devices you have installed. Select the one that is labeled as Bluetooth. Depending on your specific model, you may have to select a different type of driver.

Similarly, you should also run a software scan to determine whether your computer is missing any of the Bluetooth drivers that are required to operate your wireless network. Alternatively, you could try manually installing the required drivers.


You can also use a driver updater to automatically download and install the drivers your Windows PC needs. However, you should not expect instant results. Instead, you should follow the recommended steps to ensure the best possible performance. For instance, you should enable Windows compatibility mode before downloading a driver.

You can also make use of a built-in troubleshooter. When a Bluetooth device is not working, you can use the troubleshooter to identify the culprit. Once you have determined the cause, you should then proceed with fixing the issue.

Supporting OS

It can support for all over OS. One other option is to manually download and install the CSR Bluetooth driver for your Windows PC. By following a few easy steps, you can quickly and easily download the required driver. After downloading the CSR Bluetooth drivers, you can easily install them in your Windows desktop or laptop.

Locate the CSR Bluetooth

Finally, you can find the aforementioned CSR Bluetooth device in the system, device, or settings tab of the Settings app. If you do not see the Bluetooth device in your system, you can remove it from the list. You can also uninstall the device in the Windows Control Panel or the Device Manager.

If you have any questions or concerns about your CSR Bluetooth device or its installation, you can call the company or contact them via their website. They are more than willing to help you out. Plus, they offer a free trial if you are in a hurry. Having a CSR Bluetooth driver installed on your Windows PC is important for ensuring that your system is working at its optimum.

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