If you are looking for the latest offline installer setup Firefox then you have visited at the right place. From this page you can download the 64-Bit setup of Firefox. The setup can support for all over OS. If you have a 64-bit Windows system, you can upgrade to Firefox For Windows 64-Bit. This new version should offer more stability and performance than the 32-bit version. Moreover, it should support more tabs without slowing down. It should also be able to run web applications that require 64-bit support. The new version can address more than four gigabytes of memory, which will result in a smoother performance.

Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is a great choice if you're looking for a web browser for Windows 64-bit systems. It's lightweight, fast, and easy to use. As a bonus, you can use it on multiple operating systems. This means you can use it across your desktop, laptop, and tablet. The browser syncs data in real time, which makes it perfect for multi-device usage.


While Firefox for Windows 64-bit is compatible with most Windows systems, it has a few specific requirements. You'll need a computer with at least 2GB of RAM and a 64-bit processor. Mozilla says it will migrate all eligible users to 64-bit Firefox sometime in October. However, if you don't want to wait until then, you can always download a 32-bit version of Firefox and run it manually.

Features Of Firefox


Firefox for Windows 64-Bit has several advantages over the 32-bit version. For one, the 64-bit version of the browser has more memory to work with. 32-bit applications can only access up to 4 GB of memory, whereas 64-bit applications can access up to 32 GB. This limit may vary depending on the operating system and the version of the browser you are running. For those of us on 32-bit systems, this may not be a big issue. However, when multiple tabs are in active use, the RAM used by Firefox can become quite high.

==> App Name: Firefox

==> Platform: Windows

==> Supporting OS: Windows 32 & 64-bit

==> File Size: 53.2 MB

==> Download Firefox <==

Firefox for Windows 64-bit isn't as widely available as the 32-bit version, but it's still a decent option if you're on a 64-bit computer. Unlike other browsers, this version does not rely on the latest processors to run JavaScript, which makes it a bit slower. Also, many of the plugins don't have 64-bit versions.



There are a number of ways to customize Firefox for Windows 64-Bit. You can set up shortcuts to your favorite sites, add extra features to your toolbar, or change the look of the window to match your style. Firefox also features an autocomplete feature, which will autocomplete the URL of any website you open. It also offers you the ability to search for items in your bookmarks, open tabs, and history.

Using this customization will enable you to customize the way Firefox downloads and opens files. You can change the default download folder, choose a download destination folder, and enable automatic file opening. Downloads are no longer stored in the Temp folder and can be viewed without logging out of your browser.

Support for Microsoft Silverlight


Firefox For Windows 64-Bit supports Microsoft's Silverlight, a technology that allows developers to create interactive, dynamic websites. It is compatible with Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser, Apple's Safari, and mobile devices running Windows Mobile or Symbian (Series 60). To install and use Silverlight, your PC must run an x86 processor that supports SSE. The supported processors include the Intel Pentium III and AMD Athlons.

Also download ==> Google Chrome

Firefox is one of the few mainstream browsers that supports Silverlight. Microsoft and Google do not support this technology. If you use Firefox, you'll be able to continue to use Silverlight-enabled websites and playback audio and video without using the Windows Media Player. Mozilla has plans to add Silverlight support to future versions of Firefox.

Performance on mobile devices


Firefox for Windows 64-Bit now offers a new feature called "Browser Performance". This feature helps improve the performance of mobile applications. It warns you when you're about to close a tab or window, and reports memory usage. It also helps prevent multiple pop-up windows. This new version also comes with 32 and 64-bit MSI installers.

In addition to the new features, Firefox also supports next-generation video compression, which is free and royalty-free. It also contributes to the new open standard, WebP. This new format saves bandwidth and speeds up page loads. Firefox also has improved security for Linux and macOS. It is now more secure against stack smashing, a common security attack.

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