You can get the latest setup of Curl for windows from this page. Curl is a command-line tool that is powered by the libcurl library. It is useful for transferring data over various protocols. It is often used in scripts and automation. It has a large number of features and supports many protocols. Curl For Windows provides several ways to access the web.

One way to use curl is as a web proxy. It supports various protocols, including TLS, HTTP, FTP, and HTTP post. It also supports proxy support and user authentication, as well as cookies, file transfer resume, and Metalink. You can also use it to test your website. You can run cURL from a batch file or a command line. Alternatively, you can schedule downloads with Windows Task Scheduler.


Curl output shows a list of the requested URL, request headers, and response data. It also includes details about the SSL handshake process. The response body is displayed below the headers. You can also see whether the connection was successful or failed, and the length of time it took. If your site was not accessible over HTTPS, you should see a public IP address.

App Name: Curl

Platform: Windows

File Size: 6.2 MB

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Once you have downloaded Curl, you can try using it to make HTTP requests on your website. Just be sure to use the right flags to prevent any unexpected errors. For example, if you are trying to create a group from JSON data, make sure you place the data inside single quotes. This is important because special characters in strings and HTML should be escaped. This is easier to do than importing JSON data directly from a file.

cURL does not process all kinds of redirections. If the server uses a 3XX status code or a Location header, cURL will not process it. It cannot process redirections from Javascript, HTML, and "Refresh header." You can also control the number of redirections by setting the --max-redirs option. By default, cURL will follow a maximum of 500 redirects. You can also specify a value of -1 to follow an endless chain of redirections.

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